Rudolf Stingel

この巨大な作品は、イタリアのアーティスト、Rudolf Stingelの油彩。

実在しない映画のスチール写真アートはCindy Shermanが始めたジャンル(Untitled Film Stills )ですが、これはShermanの二番煎じなのでしょうか?






This massive piece is an oil painting by the Italian artist, Rudolf Stingel. It appears like a still photo from a fictional film he directed and starred in himself.

The art genre of still photos from non-existent films began with Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Stills." So, is Stingel's work just a rehash of Sherman's?

While Sherman uses photography, Stingel's medium is oil paint. Sherman's works are entirely original, where she plays every role from director, producer, costume designer, to actor. In contrast, Stingel's work is based on pieces from other artists.

In the Western art scene, originality is paramount, and derivatives often aren't the subject of high praise. Yet, despite creating works that might be seen as derivative, Stingel is surprisingly gaining attention as one of the most prominent conceptual contemporary artists of the moment.

Indeed, when you stand in front of one of Stingel's pieces, its powerful impact is unforgettable. It evokes a peculiar sensation, almost like watching a gigantic movie screen up close.

Much like projecting analog art onto a cinema screen, Stingel transfers the image he has created (the still photo) onto the canvas using his own hands and paint. This results in a deep, weighty image that a cinema screen cannot capture, overwhelming the viewer.

This enormous work projected onto the canvas is revolutionary, with the artist's body acting as the projection device, resulting in an epoch-making portrait.